As an Architecture design studio, we are on a constant journey of exploration, innovation and expression that comes forth through collaborations with clients and our teams. With over 12 years of practice and more than 200 projects in Architecture, Interiors and Landscape, we see each project as a milestone on this journey of self-discovery.

What we Do

We design environments.

New projects / Upgradation of old.

In Architecture , Interiors , Landscape .

Scope of Works

We help in all stages of a project, in part or in full, as per requirements.

Feasibility Studies . Design Moods . Design developments .
Construction Drawings . Specifications . Supervision .

"...Then What?"

” … I call it the “then what?” OK, you solved all the problems, you did all the stuff, you made nice, you loved your clients, you loved the city, you’re a good guy, you’re a good person … and then what? What do you bring to it? And I think that’s what I’ve always been interested in, is that – which is a personal kind of expression.” – Frank Gehry

What we seek through our design/s is this very expression, apart from the problem-solving & time+budget alignments. We try to identify, explore and express the Personality of the project. We see architecture as a living object full of meaning, inspiration and motivation.

The personality/character/intent of the project is derived from a balance of a triad relationship of Site-Client-Architect. Sometimes the clues come from the Site context, sometimes the Client’s brief is the most inspiring, while at other times it is pure intuition of the Architect which I like to call the architect’s “geometric state”. One rises from the triad as a focus while the other two collaborate.




Recro Kardo
(Reviving the Axis)


We like to believe that as soon as there arises a thought to create, it gets created instantaneously in the realm of imagination. Or perhaps, all ‘created’ pre-exists in the world of imagination.

The design itself, perhaps, is a process to achieve / reach that is already created. In this manner, we are re-creating through a ever-existing axis of relationship between ‘now’ and ‘forever’, between ‘intent’ and ‘content’, between the ‘imagined’ and the ‘Unseen’.

Are we, as an architecture design studio, thus, hoping to recreate and revive this axis when we design?

We are working towards “Reviving the Axis”.

We are “Recro Kardo”.